Seduce Your Man at Any Time

One of the best things about sex is that there is not a set time and place to do it! When you really want your man to be shocked and pleased, think outside the box and surprise him with a random seduction. We’ve all seen the movies where the woman visits her man at work wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels…those are happy men! You can get the same effect without venturing out in near nudity! Does your man do all those things on the honey-do list on the weekends? When he’s toiling away in the garage or out in the yard, what are you doing? Well you could help him, but then again you may end up all sweaty for all the wrong reasons. Instead, why not put on something skimpy and sexy, fix him a nice cold drink and deliver it to him along with a few flirty comments and a nice view of your backside walking away. Repeat with a snack soon after and before you know it, he’ll be spending a good amount of time looking at the door wondering if you’re coming back. Don’t be shy. This is your man; you know what turns him on and tossing seductive comments, sly kisses and even getting in a grope or two while he’s working will have his mind working overtime as he plans what he’ll do to you when he gets inside. If you really want to rock his world, don’t wait for him to finish his work. Go outside and tell him you’ll be naked in five minutes if he wants to join you. Be prepared for some dirty, sweaty activity and a very satisfied man who may or may not get back to work later. In other words, if what he’s doing is something you really want done- you may want to hold off on the seduction until he finishes! When your man gets home from work, how do you usually greet him? Are you a Donna Reed wife or a frazzled unkempt mess? The real question is, if you want to seduce your man when he walks in what are you doing to make that happen? Switch up the routine. If you are a sweats and t-shirts kind of girl, try welcoming him home in lingerie, a nice dress, etc. If you are typically all put together consider what a turn on it would be for your guy to come home and find you in cut off jeans and a skimpy tank top. Seduce him by being unpredictable. If your idea of romance includes a fancy dinner and fine wine, try letting him come home to his idea of a great evening with chicken wings and beer. Showing that you know what he likes and are willing to make an effort to change things up once in a while will have him melting in your arms in no time. Seducing your man may seem like something you are doing for him but in fact, the ability to seduce one another is a very important part of a relationship. Shaking things up and making lovemaking a big part of your lives keeps things from becoming routine and boring. When you only have sex at bedtime, in the bed, in the dark on Wednesday nights… this is predictable. When you surprise your man and strip down in the living room on a Monday afternoon, or make out with him in the car on the way home with groceries, you are keeping him on the edge wondering what’s next. You want your man to know you inside and out, but for mind-blowing sex it’s important that you both keep a hint of unpredictability and spontaneity. Simply changing things up and making him think of sex a time that he normally doesn’t is a sure way to seduce your man, anytime!!



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