Love is

Love is Giving, it is not taking.

Love is Sharing, it is not witholding, obscuring, or deception

Love is Caring, it is not being closed, or uncaring.

Love is Listening, it is not talking so much that the partner is overwhelmed, or unable to speak without interruption, to speak having been given permission to not be perfect.

Love is Action, motion, it is not inaction, servitude, submissiveness.

Love is Patience, knowing that most things take time, and some things take years to achieve.

Love is Courage, the opposite of Fear, as Fear causes us to disengage, not to engage, discuss, share, and learn.  Love makes us step forward, to conquer the fear of rejection, failure.

Love is Truth. We say “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE” because with truth, it stands alone, free, proud. Lies need support, backup.

Love is Vulnerability. That’s why we need Courage to conquer the Fear.

Love is Validation of who we are. When we are truly loved, we feel known, understood and visible, even of importance to the one that Loves us.

Love is Not a Destination, it is a journey of exploration, discovery, sharing, understanding and a growing friendship.



Alex W. 2020

all rights reserved.


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