Seduce Your Man with Boldness

it starts with good undies

Most women know how to flirt. We can bat our eyes, toss our hair and add a little swing to our hips when we walk to get a man’s attention, but once we have his attention what do we do with it? Once you have your man, the intrigue of your little flirtations has worn off. He knows you and he knows what to expect from you. This can lead to a routine and even mundane sex life. Don’t let that happen. If you want to drive him absolutely wild and have him aching to touch you, boldness is the way to go. Don’t let your man be the one to initiate lovemaking all the time; show him you want him. Be bold, be daring, be seductive!

Did you spot some naughty lingerie that wasn’t all lace and silk? Are you toying with the idea of being dominant and leather clad? Don’t suppress that urge…get the leather, get the boots and greet your man at the door with one heck of a surprise! Tell him what you want, tell him what you want him to do, and if he’s a little shy or hesitant then show him. There’s no rule that says that as a woman you have to be demure, be wooed and seduced by romance. Nothing says that you have to be the pursued instead of the pursuer. If there’s something you want to do, say or try, then go for it!

Does your man look extra hot in a pair of tight jeans while working around the house? Don’t just sit back and ogle him, tell him how great he looks and what he makes you want to do to him. When you’ve finished telling him and see that glazed look in his eye, then help him out of those jeans and show him. You don’t have to take it to the bedroom; you don’t even have to shut the curtains if you don’t want to. Push him back on the sofa and have your wicked way with him! You are being boldly seductive and “taking” your man, and believe me; he will thank you for it.

When there isn’t time for lovemaking but you still want to make sure your guy is in the mood later, make it a point to boldly touch and caress him when you walk by, whisper naughty things to him and make him hot promises that you’ll fulfill later when you have the time. Texts, emails and phone calls also work if your man isn’t around but you want him to race home removing clothes on his way through the door. Bold and daring is very seductive, especially if you aren’t usually so forthcoming with your desires. His shock will give way to intense desire and you’ll find that switching up your behavior is a great way to intensify and improve your lovemaking!

Everyone needs to know that their partner finds them attractive. When you go for a bold seduction you are letting your man know in no uncertain terms that he turns you on! This is great for sex but also beneficial in all the other areas of your relationship. Mutual attraction, sexual desire and the ability to seduce one another with a look, a touch, and a whisper are important aspects of maintaining a satisfying sex life.  Seduction is an area that often gets pushed aside with routines, work, kids, etc. Take the time and make the time to seduce your man with bold gestures and you’ll find that sex becomes very satisfying and rewarding again. There is no rulebook for sex, nothing that determines what will work for you, but the key is to always allow your desires to be expressed, otherwise he won’t know what you need from him.


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