Seduce Your Man with Romance

Typically, the person setting a romantic seduction scene is the man, but believe it or not men appreciate it when women plan a romantic seduction as well. But it’s important to realize that while men often go with the tried and true romantic props (flowers, wine, dinner) to seduce women the idea of romancing a man is entirely different. The idea behind a romantic seduction of your man is to find the things that he enjoys, that he will see as a romantic effort instead of what you think is romantic. This means, ladies that you have to stop thinking of what would turn you on and start thinking of what will get his engine revving! See what I did there with the car reference? Think like a man, better yet think like your man and you’ll be able to completely seduce him with romance!

What does he enjoy?

Is your man a sports fan? Does he play video games? Perhaps he’s into photography? No matter what your man enjoys, you can find a way to present him with a romantic seduction that he will love. Purchase tickets to a sporting event and go with him, get him a fancy new lens for his camera and include a note that he can take pictures of you that night, or buy a subscription to a gaming forum. What you get him doesn’t matter nearly as much as how it’s presented. Men aren’t into fancy paper and bows, but when you tuck a naughty note or a sexual promise in with a gift they will pay attention.


Unless your man is more at home in a suit than jeans, don’t make him get all dressed up to go to a fancy dinner as part of your seduction. Seduce him by knowing what he likes. Take him out for a beer and hot wings, or cook out on the grill for him. The key is to give him the things that make him happy and content. If he’s happier in a lounge chair by the fire pit than he would be in a crowded restaurant, then that’s where you should stage your romantic seduction.

Just because your seduction isn’t traditionally romantic doesn’t mean that it won’t touch his heart. Trust me; he’ll remember the effort you make to give him an evening of fun and romance on his terms just as you remember his efforts to romance you!

Sitting and talking with him, flirting, being seductive and suggestive is all part of your romantic seduction. Be in the moment with him and show him that you enjoy the same things he does, and even if you don’t you can appreciate them and their importance to him. Fully accepting all the things that makes your man who he is, is a big part of a seduction. Your man will be lulled by the camaraderie, relaxed by spending the evening with you doing things that he enjoys and when you make your move he will be more than receptive to your advances.

A romantic seduction is a great time to reminisce, make out like teenagers, postpone the lovemaking to explore and arouse one another. There is no rush; after all, it’s all about romance and being together. You may not be able to seduce your man with what you generally think of as romantic accoutrements; candles, rose petals and wineglasses, but you can definitely seduce him by making an effort to romance him with the things that matter to him. So set aside your girlie notions of romance and spend some time figuring out what makes your guy tick. The better you know your man, the better you’ll be able to romantically seduce him.


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