Is the Sex Really Worth It?


How many of us have stayed in a BAD relationship just because the sex was so good? You know what I’m talking about, you damn near can’t stand the person any longer but you can’t resist jumping in the sack with them. Oh the humiliation! So at what point does the sex become not worth it any longer? What is the ‘final straw’ or the breaking point that makes us finally say “Enough! I can’t do this any more! I don’t care how great the sex is!” For some people that point doesn’t come until a restraining order is filed. Talk about stamina.


“I met this chick who was a little bit freaky. Everyone needs a little freaky now and then. I saw our relationship as a few hook ups, she was on the total opposite end of the spectrum, she found her man. She would STALK me and my friends! This was before cell phones, so she would literally drive to each of my hangouts throughout the evening looking for me. One morning I was driving her home to her apartment in downtown Seattle, mind you I had one of the worst hangovers of my life, and she kept bitching at me about this and that. In my mind I am thinking “Where does she get off talking to me like this? Is the sex really that good to put up with all of this BS?” So I pull up to a newsstand and give her a quarter to get me a paper. She gets out, I drive off…….6 months later she calls me to go skiing.”

JP – Florida


“Last year there was a chick who I went out with once or twice. I had sex with her once, and yeah, it was definitely fun that one time. And I’m pretty sure that it would have been loads of fun had I kept seeing her, but my Yoda-sense was tingling and screaming “No!” so I stopped. The next week, I learned that she was going to all the area gyms pretending to be a prospective member and dropping my name as a reference to find out if I worked out there! I believe she visited 20 gyms in a week, pulling that stunt. I dodged that psycho bullet!! Was the sex good? Yes. But not worth the trip to the police department to file a restraining order.”

Bill S. – Personal Trainer, Texas


“Even if the sex is nothing less than phenomenal it will get old if you are dealing with a straight up psycho. I’ve gone out with too many and I’ve tested this theory over and over again.”

DG – Florida


“I dated someone that was so possessive and demanding that if I didn’t come over or call her, my phone would blow up! The sex was great when we weren’t fighting. I finally left her after she showed up at my Job with her mom. She had told her mom that she wanted to introduce her future husband to her.”

Bob P.


“I had been dating a woman for a few months . Nothing too serious, or at least I thought. At the time, I was on the road a lot for my job. One trip through Ohio was memorable – it snowed so hard they closed the interstate – while I was on it!  I pulled into a truck stop , for the night and called my boss, roommate, and GF to let them know I was safe, etc. The GF demanded that I drive back that night. I explained to her that even if I wanted to , the State Patrol wouldn’t allow it.  That didn’t set well with her. 28 hours later, I finally got back into town and made the mistake of calling the GF . She demanded that I come over that night. I was exhausted, needed a shower and a bed. I wanted to go to MY home. She would have none of that. Instead of arguing, I went over to her house. It was that, or have her call me every 10 minutes.  The next day, I went home, and she started calling about 30 mins after I got home, wanting me to come back. I told her I was too tired, I would talk to her the next day. That didn’t too sit well with her.  After ignoring her calls for the next 3 hours, they stopped. Then, a brick came flying through my window at my house. I looked out the window, and there she was. I asked her why in the hell did she throw a brick through my window? Her reply was: ‘You wouldn’t answer your phone.’

We stopped dating soon afterwards.”

Mark P. – Kentucky


“I’ve learned that karma works in mysterious ways. If you play with a psycho, you’ll smell like a psycho, and then attract other psychos.”

Bill S. – Texas


“I got a wedding invitation and couldn’t decide who to take, as I was seeing a couple different people. I decided on one and then this other chick decides to crash the wedding. Eventually these two girls duke it out on the dance floor. Each claiming that I love them more than the other. After the dust settles the roommate of ‘psycho wedding crasher’ comes and slugs me in the back of the head. She got a beer tossed on her. Then I left.”

Joe – Florida


Side note: I asked Joe if he stayed with either of these women because the sex was ‘just that good.’ Joe’s answer? “I married the winner.”

I guess sometimes it is!



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