Kegel Exercise Device Reviews

Kegel Device Reviews (For Women)

This review compares the FeminX, Kegelmaster 2000, Kegelmaster, and the Pelvexiser.  It uses quotes and specific product complaints from Dr. Kegel to discredit the competition, and pushes the Pelvexiser.  Specific reasons stated for choosing the Pelvexiser Kegel device are that it provides biofeedback and that the wide range of tension weights (14) available in the Kegelmaster are unnecessary..

Advertises the KegelMaster 2000, a spring pressure device, and advises that it is the best kegel device here: The main reason they state that the KegelMaster2000 is the best is that it offers 15 different Resistance settings ranging from 1.2lbs to 7.8lbs, and it has a wide range of size adjustment – from normal width (size not stated) up to 2 5/8, supposedly for women with larger vaginal canals, possibly through childbirth . It uses four changeable springs to achieve this.

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