Internet Enabled Remote Control Sex Toys

There’s not as many internet enabled remote control sex toys available as you might imagine.

There’s the Sanuk, the HighJoy Products (A Rabbit and a egg), plus a French product that seems to be in pre-release stage.  In previous years there was mention of a interactive adapter to the male Fleshlight.

HighJoy Remote Control & Internet enabled Sex Toys

These products are made by Doc Johnson, and consist of several parts:

1) vibrator or vibrating egg

2) controller – with multiple buttons for vibrator settings.

3) the usb to serial adapter, typically a Belkin unit. (which is not simply a cable).

4) a optional sleeve, if the ‘bullet’ model is chosen – either a penis and balls shaped silicone dildo, or a vagina simulating sleeve.

The USB to serial adapter is needed because the HighJoy remote vibrators use the outdated serial port, not the USB port and not many modern computers have serial ports.

To operate the HighJoy products, both player and playee need to sign up at and pay $4.95/month to be connected.

Sanuk Cyber Dildo

This is truly a industrial strength machine, extremely powerful. We would not be surprised if this is the most powerful vibrator in the world. With a highly ridged, increasing width shape, this internet sex toy is completely unique. Unlike the motor in the typical vibrator that operates between 3 and 6 volts (2-4 cells), the motor in this super vibrator requires wall power A.C. (converted down to 12 volts). Included is a “clit” diamond for clitoral stimulation, and the whole setup comes in a sharp looking metal case.  Plug it into the USB port, Plus the power adapter into the wall 120v (no batteries here!), and you are ready to start, once you install the Windows based remote control software.

You can also download into the control unit you own designed rhythm, up to 50 minutes worth.  Set it to your favorite orgasmic music.


What do these internet sex toys cost?

HighJoy: About $55-$75 for the toy itself, $10-15 for sleeves, plus $10/month (for a couple)
The necessary Belkin USB to Serial adapter is included typically in the price.

SanukAbout $185. There is no monthly charge.

What Operating System is needed?

All products currently on the market require Windows.

However, if you have a Mac and want cyber sex with a partner, do not despair.  It is possible to install the necessary software under either Apple’s Boot camp, or  Parallels software in conjunction with Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro or Mini.


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